About REF

Rising Entrepreneurs Foundation (REF) is committed to empowering rural communities through entrepreneurship. We aim to provide dynamic opportunities to millions of rural women to become entrepreneurs and generate a sustainable income by working from their backyards for just a few hours every day. Our focus is on developing innovative solutions to combat poverty, malnutrition, and chronic unemployment, while encouraging rural women to make a remarkable contribution to the national GDP. At REF, we believe that women are born entrepreneurs and have the potential to manage everything from household expenses to national budgets. We are passionate about creating a self-sustaining system that allows rural women to realize their limitless potential.

Rubina Parveen


Rubina Parveen is a strong, independent visionary, making a difference in the lives of many. As a social entrepreneur, film maker and author, she has significant impact in a variety of fields. She graduated from the Indian School of Business (ISB) and holds three master's degree. She has received national and international awards, felicitations and recognitions for her extensive work in diversified fields. As a social entrepreneur, she is passionate about generating income sources for rural population. She is focused on a mission to create employment and entrepreneurship in rural and urban India. She has created employment for 5000 marginalized people and mentored over 7000 rural entrepreneurs and 150 startups in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. She has trained and employed 572 marginalized women, including 160 single mothers, 11 domestic violence victims, and 4 rape victims. For this contribution, she has received a national award. Rubina has produced 540 documentary films and more than 380 ad films. She is currently working on a project to enhance farmers' income and create livelihoods for rural women and youth in Rajasthan.
With former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Sri Chandrababu Naidu, discussing employment generation for displaced communities of the Polavaram Project, multi-purpose irrigation project on the Godavari River.
Receiving award from Mr. Mahender Reddy Commissioner of Police, Hyderabad, for work on employment generation for rape victims and domestic violence victims in 2017.
With Director of Corporate Affairs, Goldman Sachs and Associate Dean of ISB, Dr. Soumya, receiving the certificate for the Reimagine Your Business initiative.
After conducting a seminar on new employment opportunities for fisher women.
REF is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering rural communities through entrepreneurship. We believe in creating sustainable income opportunities for rural women and promoting gender equality. Our goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of millions of women in India. Join us in our mission to make a difference.